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Admissions Process

About Our Admissions Process

Bright Horizons at Good Shepherd Academy

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Our Curriculum

Creates developmentally appropriate educational environments that empower children to be confident, successful, lifelong learners.

What Parents are Saying

Our greatest advocates are our families.

"My two children have different strengths yet each gained an excellent sense of learning enjoyment and respect for others at Bright Horizons. My gratitude goes to the committed teachers who make the school the best in the area."

World at their Fingertips

Every day, kindergartners through sixth graders come to Hildebrandt to expand their school day. We offer a safe space created just for school-age children; one designed to extend the academic experience and nurture children with art, music, sports, science projects, and more. Plus, our engaged teachers focus on reinforcing classroom lessons to support individual interests and abilities, and inspire creative thought. Snacks, activities, and homework-help are all on the daily schedule. But children get a say in their day, too, with the chance to explore our indoor/outdoor areas, relax in soft spaces, and engage in a responsive environment that supports their development – the perfect setting for learning and discovery.

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Learning at Home

Mirror play

You Will Need:

A mirror that can be placed on a low table or the floor, a camera, small toys


Sit with your child near a mirror, playing with the toys and talking about what you see in the mirror. Take pictures of your child while playing.


Photos taken during mirror play are a wonderful way to share the experience with family!

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Parent Involvement

We partner with families to provide children the most enriching personal growth experience balanced with a superior education. We welcome and encourage families to participate in the many opportunities we offer to join our school community. At Bright Horizons, we live the notion that “it takes a village to raise a child”, and our inclusive attitude toward our families reflects our belief that together we create outstanding individuals and exemplary world citizens.

A few ways to be involved include:

Please contact us for information about our programs and services.