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Montessori on the Mall is located just off the 16th Street Mall in downtown Denver in the Independence Plaza building. The building runs the entire block from 16th to 17th and Curtis to Arapahoe and is located across the street from the Clock Tower. Businesses on the 16th street side of the building are Rock Bottom Brewery, Paradise Bakery, and Tokeyo Joe's. Our suite is located at the 17th and Arapahoe entrance of the building on the Plaza level.

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What Parents Are Saying

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Thank you Miss Margeaux for all of the snuggles you give to our Grace! She is so happy every time she sees you and loves the time she spends in your classroom. Thank you for all that you do!
Thank you Miss Alysha for the wonderful care that you provide the Nido kids! You and Miss Jennifer create such a fun, loving environment for our little ones. We feel very lucky to have you in the Nido room.
Thank you so much Miss Jennifer for being such a positive influence on Grace! She has grown so much under your loving care. We appreciate all that you do for the nido kids and love the big smile on our girl's face when she arrives at your class each day.
Ms. Rachel, Thank you so much for all the leading and loving you give my little Evelyn. She learning so much from you. She adores you.
Ms. Annie, Thank you for being so sweet and caring to Evelyn. Evelyn always references your name and randomly cries out "Ms. Annie!"
Ms. Olivia and Ms. Meghan
Thank you for being creative and helping Harper work through solutions. My husband and I greatly appreciate the detailed daily notes that you leave on the sheets. It has helped us at home with the "being brave" discussions. She adores you both. Thank you for all that you do.
Hazel is so enthusiastic about all the students! Every time I pick my son up she is cracking up about something goofy that one of the kids did -- you can tell she truly enjoys them (and they love her back!). Thank you Hazel!
Jenn works incredibly hard every day to make sure the classroom is clean and ready to go, and that the kids of something new and interesting to do. We've been lucky to have her as our son's teacher in both the nido and toddler rooms. Thank you Jenn!
Hazel is a wonderful toddler teacher. She is always giving updates on our Child's new discoveries. We love our refrigerator art, and new skills he comes home with. Thanks for being our toddler teacher!
Jenn Moon
Jenn is a wonderful toddler teacher. She is always concerned about the children's health, safety, and that they have fun. We get constant updates about our child's progress. We also get great art projects to put on our refrigerator. Very competent and we appreciate her very much!
Rachel and Annie
Ms Rachel and Ms Annie, Thank you for your incredibly hard work in Minis! We are so grateful to have you both and appreciate all that you do. Callan loves coming to school and I know he is in the best of hands. You rock!
Lauren and Olivia
Ms Lauren and Ms Olivia, Thank you so much for your work with the primary/pre-Ks. You are so dedicated and run the classes so smoothly. It amazes me. I especially appreciate all you do with Wyatt. It has been really helpful to have your guidance and coaching!! You rock!