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We are located in downtown Denver in the Denver Place Building. This is location is between 18th Street and 19th Street; and between Curtis Street and Champa Street. We offer 45 minutes of complementary parking in the lower level of the building, entrance to the garage is on the right hand side of Curtis. B-1 usually has plenty of visitor parking as well as two reserved spaces for DP Parents and the first elevator bank that you see is the NB1 North Terrace elevators that will bring you directly to the third floor, Suite 350 If walking into the building the No. Terrace elevators are located by Mila Restaurant and 5280 Provisions

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Bright Horizons Montessori at Denver Place

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About Our Faculty

Bright Horizons educators strive to provide the highest-quality Montessori curriculum and learning environment for each individual child. Every member of our community is valued for their distinctive abilities, talents and personalities. We embrace diversity in all its forms at all levels of the Bright Horizons family. To facilitate this unique educational experience, teachers of the Montessori approach undergo very specific education and training. Montessori teachers prepare and adapt the environment to match children's readiness, both for the age group and the individual needs of the child. Additionally, they are trained to be keen observers of children in order to sequence and optimize lessons or activities to make the most of learning moments.

Meet Our Teachers

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  • Name: Taylor Norman
  • I Teach: Nido Teacher
  • Description: Taylor has been in ECE since 2006; she started with BH in 2010. Taylor has her diploma in ECE and has completed BH's Leadership Dev. Program. When not at work Taylor enjoys, cooking/baking or traveling the world with her husband.
  • Name: Lorri Ferstle
  • I Teach: Nido Teacher
  • Description: Lorri began working for Montessori at Denver Place in August 1993. Lorri has a CDA, EQIT certification, Montessori certification, and has attended numerous paraprofessional Montessori workshops. When not at work Lorri enjoys reading, doing crossword puzzles, camping and fishing, cooking, internet research, music and playing the violin.
  • Name: Kathy Quezada
  • I Teach: Nido Teacher
  • Description: Kathy has been in ECE for 35 years and with BH for the past 23 yrs, 20 of which have been in Nido One as the lead teacher! Kathy has received her ECE qualification. She has also completed several trainings through BH educational services. When she isn't loving her babies, Kathy enjoys spending time with her children, grandchildren and family.
  • Name: Widad Kadori
  • I Teach: Center Resource Teacher
  • Description: Widad has been with BH since summer 2017, but has been working with children for 16 years. Widad has an associate degree from a college in Iraq, she taught Arabic and math in primary school. She has taken the EQIT class, as well as ESL classes to improve her language and literacy skills. When not at home Widad enjoys reading and cooking.
  • Name: Selamawit "Selam" Haile
  • I Teach: Toddler Teacher
  • Description: Selam has been with Bright Horizons for 9 years. Selam has taken numerous ECE workshops and classes, as well as receiving her ECE certification by completing ECE 101, 103, and 111.When not at work Selam enjoys swimming and attending church.
  • Name: Carla Wolters
  • I Teach: Substitute
  • Description: Carla has been with BH since Sept 2015 and has been in the ECE field since 2007. Carla has completed all the classes to be lead qualified and has a Master's in Social Work. When not at work, you can find Carla out in her boat with her dog, Maude, reading, or laughing with friends on patios and porches.
  • Name: Aye Aye Thin
  • I Teach: Toddler Teacher
  • Description: Aye started with Bright Horizons in 2005 and has been working with children since 1996. Aye spent 2 years at University of Burman and has her ECE qualifications. When not at work you can find Aye enjoying a goo book or watching sports(especially soccer).
  • Name: Patsy Carmona Baez
  • I Teach: Mini Teacher
  • Description: Patsy has been with BH since February 2017 and has been in ECE field ince about 2013. Patsy has completed the EQIT certification, Pyramid Plus classes and several BH trainings. Patsy is a single mom of 3 amazing boys, and when not at work you can find Patsy swimming, drawing, doing nail design and watching her son, Luca, play football, GO GIANTS!
  • Name: Lindsay Anderson
  • I Teach: Mini Teacher
  • Description: Lindsay has been with BH since 2015. Lindsay has completed the classes lead qualified, she has a Bachelor's in Psychology and a Master's in Clinical Counseling. When not at work you can find Lindsay camping, hiking, snowboarding, or painting.
  • Name: Elizabeth "izzi" Siliato
  • I Teach: Mini Teacher
  • Description: Elizabeth has been with BH full time since February 2015. Elizabeth is currently a student in UC Denver's Education and Human Development Master's program. She has completed a Psychology B.A (minors: music and history) at Boston University, is a certified non-profit professional, and has her CDA. When not at work Elizabeth enjoys cycling, downhill skiing, playing music, practicing yoga, researching nutrition or volunteering.
  • Name: Emily Hagopian
  • I Teach: Primary Teacher
  • Description: Emily has been with BH since 2013 and in the ECE field for over 10 years. Emily received her undergraduate in Montessori Education from Xavier University and has some special education credits. When not at work Emily enjoys photography and cheering for her favorite sport teams.
  • Name: Nathan Dam
  • I Teach: Primary Teacher
  • Description: Nathan has been with BH since 2014. He has a Bachelor's degree in Cultural Anthropology from Metro State Univeristy of Denver. While attending MSU Nathan studied abroad in So. Africa & Mozambique and taught summer school on the Ute Mtn. Ute Native American Reservation in S.W CO. Nathan also has his National CDA.
  • Name: Margaret "Margie" Keenan
  • I Teach: Primary Teacher
  • Description: Margie has been at Denver Place since 1998, but working with children of all ages for 38 years. She has completed courses in ECE to be qualified. Outsid eof work you can find Margie reading, playing games, being a chocolate connoisseur and spending time with her family.
  • Name: Huda Sheet
  • I Teach: Center Resource Teacher
  • Description: Huda has been with BH since 2013. She has her ECT qualifications as well as many BH training's. When not at work Huda enjoys spending time with her husband and 5 children and shopping.

School Administration

  • Name: Jessica Derfler

    Position: Head of School

    Description: Jessica has been in ECE for about 15 years and has been with BH since Feb 2017. Jessica has an Associates degree. Jessica is the mother of two wonderful children and when not at works spends all her free time with her kiddos.

  • Name: Jennifer Grunewald

    Position: Assistant Head of School

    Description: Jennifer has been in the field of education since 1994 and been with BH since 2011. Jennifer has a B.A in Early Childhood Education from Iowa State and an M.A in Literacy from Lesley University. When not at work you can find Jennifer spending time with her family and friends, trying new restaurants, listening to music and loving animals.